Other Financial Services

Running a business means keeping track of a lot of information, especially financial information. You may have financial managers who need regular reports and financial statements. You might have bankers who require personal financial statements in connection with a commercial loan; there are many different kinds of financial services that a business owner might need and working with an experienced CPA is the right move.

Financial Reports

I can issue reports and financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for financial managers, lenders or other third parties as needed as well as compiling financial statements for review and in order to comply with audit requests. If your business has a traditional corporate structure, you may also need to provide quarterly or annual financial reports to stakeholders as well as your Board of Directors.

Personal Financial Statements

When your business seeks financing for the purchase of commercial property, an investment in necessary equipment or any other expense, lenders will often want personal guarantees from the principals of the company. This often means providing personal financial statements which provide the lender with evidence that you and other senior officers of the company have the financial ability to guarantee the liabilities of your company.


Whether you’re thinking about selling your business or you’re interested in purchasing another company, a professional valuation is a crucial step in the process. If you’re selling your company, I can review your financials to provide potential buyers with the information they need in order to close the deal.

All of the financial services I provide begin with a consultation to determine your needs and the information that you need compiled or provided to third parties. I’ll never provide any information to unauthorized parties and all work will be done in accordance with the scope of work we’ve discussed, so that you’ll always know exactly what you’ll be getting when you choose to work with me.